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It’s the end of the term. Public schools are closed here in Kenya for the next three weeks, and kids are excited to take a break. (I would bet, teachers are too!) And while we reassess our goals for the next term, we thought it was only right if we asked our impact student group, our 30 kids who have access to MPrep every Tuesday, what they thought about school, MPrep, and a few other things…

I’ll try to give as little commentary as possible and let the data speak for itself. Just remember, every question was asked privately to individual Standard 7 and Standard 8 students, ranging in age from 12-16. (Can I also mention that we conducted this survey on mobile phones via Episurveyor? Mobile’s changing the world!)

Chart 1: How do you feel about MPrep?

Chart 2: Do you now study more, less, or the same after using MPrep?

Study more!

Chart 3: What do your parents think of MPrep?

Chart 4: What do your teachers think of MPrep?

Chart 5: What is the #1 reason you don’t use MPrep more than you already do?

(This chart tells me two things we already knew: 1.) We need to work on partnering with parents WAY more; 2.) We need to lower the price of MPrep.)

Chart 6: Which incentives do you think work best?

We threw in this last question to get a sense of what kids want in terms of incentives. Does it surprise you that all they really want is a little recognition?

Also, we asked some more product related questions to get a good sense of what features we should be adding to MPrep during this ‘downtime’. We’ll write a bit more on that later… In the meantime, enjoy the stats from the (not so) little ones!

— Toni Maraviglia, CEO (Isaac also likes to call me the Chief Impatient Officer. It’s true.)

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