TEDx Kisumu, We went, Saw………

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The Mprep team made it to Kisumu on Saturday after struggling to get bus tickets from Nairobi. The ride was long and predictable, but TEDx Kisumu was nothing close to that.
Checking into the Kisumu hotel to a wonderful reception from the guards, geez I love this Kenyan guards’ attitude towards foreigners…”JAMBOOOO, KARIBU KENYA” (Jambo, welcome to Kenya) says the guard to a foreigner. And for me, local boy, is the usual…”IKO NINI KIJANA” (what is it young man). Love them all the same.
With all the tension and anxiety in the presentation room, presenters doing their runs on stage, walking up and down to correct typo here and slides there, I knew we were in for a treat.
Being the fourth presenter, presentations flew by tremendously and before I knew in…”From Mprep, we have Chris Asego”.. I am glad the presentation went well.

So then, there was a red X that we had to stand on while presenting which reminded me of Tusker project fame auditions. I enjoy watching people fumble on that show, so you can imagine how I was feeling reminding myself of the saying “what goes around comes around.”
All in all it was a well organized event, great presentations, great innovations and speeches, wonderful audience and good networking opportunity. And to crown it all we ended the show by throwing flower petals in the air and shouting “TED X KISUMUUUU”… What more could I ask for. Well done Kisumu.
Chris Asego.

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