MPrep Expands to Western Kenya!

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It has been a busy two weeks for us Kisumu,where we had gone to do MPrep demonstration in schools.  We left Nairobi I on Sunday evening after watching the final thriller of the Barclays premier league, and arrived at 5AM. Upon arrival we checked straight to our hotel room. 

On Monday we went to Lake side Primary for a strategy meeting with the area Education officer Mr. Acholla Ramogi. It turns out there are 26 Schools in Kisumu Municipality Zone. Some have not reached class 8 so we managed to schedule visits to 20 schools in the area, starting with the host school. Our major means of transport in the region was Bodaboda

The best part of the whole process is the fact that most children Know how to use the mobile phones and therefore it was easy to introduce Mprep to them.  What they liked most was the analytical feature where the system gives them the results and also the position they are in. This created a lot of enthusiasm among the students and they really liked using the system very much.

The beauty about Mprep is that the system is easy to use and the pupils took less than five minutes to learn how to access the revision questions through Mprep. The teachers also welcomed this new innovation because it will help them get revision questions for their pupils in class by logging into the system and sampling a few revision questions for a particular topic.

My interaction with the young learners from the region was a very humbling experience, one that I will never forget in my life. Seeing the smiles of joy as the pupils get to answer questions and strive to out do each other was very inspiring. The best part about Mprep is the Feature that allows the pupil to know his rank after finishing a quiz and it has proven to be a very big catalyst to the success of the young learners as they strive to answer as many questions as they can. When a group got 100% in a Quiz they would scream out loud with lots of celebrations and so each group was trying to outdo the other. Such a program will in the end stimulate a lot of interest in the learners to have an interest in the topic that they do not know well and this will lead to an improved performance in the schools.

Mprep is so popular in the region and of all the experiences I had, there are two I can’t forget. The first is of parents calling us in the evening requesting for advice on how to do the registration on their own so that their children can start revising, we would go to schools in the morning and spend a better part of the evening answering phone calls from curious parents. The second experience was of of a Head teacher in Oyugis where we arrived to his school and found that his phone number had already been registered a week earlier by his son- A class 8 pupil after knowing about Mprep from friends in Kisumu 50 Km away. This was a testimony that Mprep is transforming the lives of the children in the region.

We finally came back to Nairobi on Thursday after 12 days in the region and having reached over 2,000 pupils. I couldn’t be happier to be part of a team that is transforming lives of our young generation in this country.

— Isaac Kosgei, Operations Associate

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