Tour de Kisumu.

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Then there was Dago thim, a school in Nyahera, Kisumu. Dago Thim is about 1 hour from Kisumu town, so we had to take a Matatu for a 45 min drive then a 15 min ride on a motorbike. In the Matatu I learnt of a thing called “Sambaza”, yes it has another meaning, not the usual Safaricom Sambaza that we know. Now sambaza is a plank of wood that is placed in between seats in the matatu so that instead of sitting three per row, you sit 4 per row, imagine that…

So then we get to Dago Thim, and the reception there was awesome, kind of like the one the PM’s wife got when she come to Oyugis, where we were for a few days, except now instead of the big cars and buffets we had motorbikes and “Soda Kubwa” in the head teacher’s office.

Then we got to class and like every other class we go into, all the student went “Gooooooood mooorning our visitors” as they stood up to greet us. This was a routine in all the schools we went to which felt nice I have to admit. Then we got on with our demos.

We got surprised, disappointed, welcomed, got stuck in the mud severely, fell off motorbikes only to get up in the morning and do it all again. It was not easy but it was definitely worth the struggle. All the 27 schools we managed to go to in two weeks were special in their own way; Dago Thim was no exception. We had some good times and some not so good times, but what’s life without such.

Chris Asego.

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