Mprep at Pivot East Competition

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Toni, my boss, was involved in an accident about 2 weeks ago. Then 7 days later, she was robbed at gun point and lost most if not all of her valuables in an instant. Of course we can work in her absence, but it would have been harder than usual. Kind of like when you’re asked if a car can move without petrol and you say no, while the answer is actually yes.

A car can move without petrol, just push it and see. It’s just a bit hard to do that regularly but it can be done. If Toni had broken down during this hard time, Mprep, because of the strong team that we already have, would still have functioned, it would just be harder to get going. Luckily, she did not, which is quite admirable. Well done “Captain”.

With all this going on, she still had to prepare for Pivot East, an annual competition that was taking place at the Ole Sereni Hotel on Mombasa road and the pressure was on. If there was anything that was going to boost the Mprep team’s morale, it was going to be this.

So then after two days of incredible competition from the five categories that we had been grouped in, it was time to announce the winner in our category. …..

Anyway, its back to the drawing board for us, work goes on as usual. Everything happens for a reason. Team Mprep still aims for the stars.

Oh, we won by the way…… It’s only up from here team, let’s do this.

Don’t Judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant – Robert Louis Stevenson.

Chris Asego.

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