Money Kills Brain Cells

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Growing up I was told to work hard in school, get a good job and make lots on money so that I could have a good life because life without money apparently was impossible. Reality of the matter was we slept through preschool after consuming “Uji” during break time, crammed our way through primary school, “Mwakenyad” our way through secondary school, and then Googled our way through University, then got a job and gave back to our parents for paying our school fees. Then we get kids of our own and the cycle continues.

All this to get rich, or to die Cramming, Googling or “Mwakenyaing”. This killed all the creative nature we Kenyans have in us. Currently we are slowly getting into shape in terms of learning instead of reading to pass exams, which is awesome to see. Forums are coming up and Kenyans are displaying great creativity, reactivating their dead brain cells that were destroyed as a result of being money minded.

Kenya already has opportunities, creativity identifies those opportunities, create jobs, jumpstarts development and money will come.

Ok; Mwakenya – A whole text book summarized into a small sheet of paper to be used in the exam room.

Uji; well, eeeeh….half cooked Ugali…

Chris Asego.

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