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Being a B.B.K (Born and Bred in Kibera) as my sister likes to put it, I was an advocate of doing things the traditional way; Getting rice from the market and sitting a whole Sunday afternoon separating stones etc from the rice, doing Posho mill rounds almost every evening to get “Unga” for “Ugali”, handing down clothes from generation to generation instead of getting new ones. I have to admit to wearing my sister’s sweater as a dress and having nothing else on, and by nothing else I mean nothing else. I was not for change at all, not even technology.

Now technology is winning the fight. It’s either you get with it or lag behind.  Do you recall the first ever phone call you got on your newly acquired mobile phone, or a handed down one. I remember the first ever phone call I got. Everyone in the family wanted to know who was calling. It was a family issue. The TV was switched off for better reception, eating was put to a halt, at least for the 23 seconds I was on the phone. I believe the same thing is currently happening to other people all around Africa.

Mobile technology has taken a leading role in terms of growth of technology especially in Africa, and Africa is embracing it, do not lag behind otherwise you will be left out. If you think I am not telling the truth, here is a link you could take a look at to judge for yourself. You will be surprised.

Chris Asego.

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