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Chandaria Impact Group students doing their revision

For the past two Months I have been working closely with Students at Chandaria primary doing their revision using Mprep platform. We have a two hour session with the Students every Tuesday and Friday of the week. We have 30 Students taking part in the Impact group which is designed to test how Mprep impacts on student performance in school.

The study group has become a very popular club in the school with many Students requesting to join it. Students use the mobile phones that Mprep provides to do their revision on subjects of their choice. We monitor the student performance individually and as a group to see how they perform and also the number of questions that they take. Teachers report that the Students taking part in the Impact study group have recorded a significant improvement in their grades and we are awaiting end of term results next week so that we can analyze the results and compare with those of Students not taking part in the Impact study.

Mprep has inspired the Students in more ways than one, Students compete with each other and this competition is not limited to the group alone, after the Impact study the Students go home and revise using their parent’s mobile phones, which we also monitor and this has really helped them a lot. Mprep has also served to prepare the students with what they are to meet in the fast changing technology world and by the time they graduate from eight grade

Students today consume information in a very different way to previous generations, which is why I feel Mprep has come at the right time to enhance students learning. MPrep is providing students with the mobile technology that they are familiar with and use every day and this makes revision interesting.

With this innovative way of learning, Mprep has a lot to offer to the African child especially in Rural Africa where access to text books and updated educational material is a challenge.

We are providing our students with the material that they need to take control of their own learning, which is important as they continue with their studies. We will be very interested to see how this approach to revision, alongside the quality teaching we provide, will impact on their lives.

Isaac Kosgei

Operations Associate

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