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Over the past two months MPrep’s @PeterSereti has been busy doing demonstrations and selling school subscriptions to Primary schools around Nairobi area.                 

MPrep has managed to visit over 20 Schools in the past one Month. This has brought tremendous results with the number of users in our system now approaching the six thousand mark. We have also been able to add more quizzes and this has increased user experience.

Registration has been successful after Peter conducted the demos to the heads, teachers and students. Most of the Schools that Peter visited have managed to register 98-100% of the students addressed e.g. out of 145 students in Tigoni Primary 143 registered immediately after the Demo. Muthurwa Primary with a Total of 97 students had all of them registered in our system.

Beginning the Month of July –August 26th Muthurwa Primary Muthurwa Primary have managed to access 711 quizzes in our system. This school has been followed closely by Tigoni primary in terms of registration and system usage. In a  duration of 2 weeks students from Tigoni Primary have tackled 1165 questions.

Basically, registration has been successful due to:

  1. Effective Demos in classes which involve taking notes- This guides them in the process of registration when they go back home.
  2. Elaborate demos to Heads and teachers who later act as the agent to students and other neighboring schools
  3. Directors introducing the sales team to other schools Prior to the actual date of Demo/introduction
  4. Registration process is easy and fun
  5. Proper time management.
  6. Prior planning
  7. Strict grouping of schools as per their geographical location
  8. Mastery of the system content by sales team.

We congratulate our marketing Team led by Peter Sereti for the wonderful work they are doing in the field and we look forward to an even more school registrations when Schools open for term 3.

— Isaac Kosgei, Operations Associate

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