MPrep in the eyes of Chandaria Pupils

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Third term is usually a very busy week in Kenyan schools. This is the term that students are supposed to sit for their National exams. This year’s candidates faced the challenge of teachers strike that lasted for 3 weeks and thus throwing the education of pupils both in secondary and primary schools into disarray particularly the KCSE and KCPE candidates who are due to sit for national examinations in October and December respectively.
It is at this time that the Primary school candidates turn to MPrep for the much needed revision. Lat-e last week I was at Chandaria Primary where I had a chance to meet with class 7 and eight pupils and review their goals for their term of School and how they are going to leverage on the MPrep revision platform to further improve their grades.
The Pupils at that school were excited that MPrep helped them when the strike was on. Although I had not visited them since the resumption of normal classes they are happy that they were able to revise both individually and as a group using MPrep. They noted that MPrep is a good educational equalizer because of a number of reasons:
• Majority of the Pupils were able to access the platform because their parents had mobile phones.
• They are able to use it at home.
• They are portable and easy to carry around and therefore it was easy for them to organize group discussion.
• They are affordable. The text message charges are low and therefore their parents could afford it.
Having reviewed their performance for 1st and 2nd terms the Pupils are now concentrationg on the most crucial term and they depend on MPrep to compliment their revision. I look forward to helping them through this term and seeing improved end of year results.

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