MPrep Schools Drastically Improve on 2012 KCPE!

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As students around the country were glued to the radio for the results of the 2012 KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) exam last week, our Team half-listened as we dove into our 2013 strategic sales plan. There were few surprises in the announcements of top schools and in regional averages.

What surprised us most was the next day when the head teachers of Malanga Primary of Gem and Muthurwa Primary of Eastlands gave us a ring. These are two of our most active MPrep schools. Their students use the study tool regularly, paying per SMS sent to our short code, 8512 and each has bought a subscription to the nuanced data accounts of how students are doing.

The Head Teacher of Malanga Primary, a school way out near Kisumu said, “Our pupils have improved from a 210 to a 234 average, and we attribute this growth to MPrep. Thank you.” The Head Teacher then told our Sales Manager, Peter Sereti, that they’d like to renew their MPrep data subscription.

The Head Teacher of Muthurwa expressed the same. Their scores jumped from a 199 average in 2011 to 230 in 2012.

Because MPrep only became active in these schools in July (Muthurwa) and September (Malanga), we were quite shocked about the jump in scores, and even more shocked that teachers didn’t give themselves credit, but gave MPrep credit for the results. After all, I’d have to say that empowering teachers (and parents!) is really what creates change in academic outcomes, not the technology itself.

One Head Teacher said, “What MPrep shows us is that what we need to do as teachers is to adhere to a more individual teaching method instead of what we generally practise. With this data available and flexible, we know what our students need to do to improve.”

As a teacher myself, I’m most excited about the above statement. MPrep is pushing teachers to change the way they teach, to focus more on individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, and we’ve done all this without fancy technology — through simple devices that everyone has access to. Not only that, but both parents and head teachers are already paying to do this!!

This fuels me even more to keep pushing the idea that simplicity and designing educational products from an insider’s perspective is truly going to lead educational stakeholders: teachers, students, parents, and administrators to advance themselves.

I’m so proud of our team, and I can’t wait to see where 2013 takes us. Perhaps you’ll even see some MPrep Data Workshops for Teachers interested in the “Individual Teaching Method” be offered in the near future…

— Toni Maraviglia, Teacher Forever

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