After-school Activities for Kids

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Study hours for kids in Primary Schools can be very tedious. On average, kids in Kenya have to withstand a rigorous day with 8 hours of classroom concentration. The same routine repeats itself for the entire week. This tight schedule makes pupils exhausted by the end of the week. Because of this, parents should be able to provide alternative activities when they are out of the busy classroom. This duty is not reserved to parents alone but also for teachers especially those who work in Boarding Schools.

After-school activities should ride on the theme: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” These activities should help kids relax their mind and rejuvenate in readiness for the next class sessions. In Kenya, some parents overload their children with home chores when they retire to their homes in the evening. This is not correct since it further drains the child of strength. This calls for a concrete need for enlightenment of parents on how to handle their children when they are out of school.

Parents should develop a good after-school program. The program should take into account safety and security of the kids. Respect and discipline has to be considered too when coming up with the plan. In the end, children should be motivated and ready for a new school day.

Taking a child through a recreational treat is one activity to do after school. This is best for weekends whereby children can engage in games with their peers. They get to interact and share their experiences with other kids. This way, they get to learn and refresh their minds. At this moment, parents learn about any behavioral change and take precautions accordingly. Children are able to mingle which imbibes them with social skills. Alternatively, children making visits to museums, game reserves and parks matters a lot for children to unwind.

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Another activity is camping during school holidays. This is relevant for pupils at class six, seven and eight.  At these camps, coaching on areas not understand in school is effective in an exploratory environment. A mix of fun and learning integrates well. The camp is good for introduction to basic life skills too. Examples of these skills include managing of finances, decision-making, hygiene and street-savvy culture.

Family Education by parents helps kids grow morally. Counseling to correct detected unruly behavior is an activity that parents should take up when children are out of school. They should also exercise Parental control on Internet usage, TV programs and movies to avoid erosion of morals.

Parents should adopt a return to school formula for their kids. One is by ensuring that homework is completed. Reminding them that they have to return to school is important. This is to win their acceptance to go back to school. Making them use MPrep’s platform to revise can win their heart of longing to get back to class. Since the platform ranks the position of pupils according to the performance, they will always be eager to compete with classmates on other regular exams in school.

After-school activities help in development of a child emotionally, mentally and socially. It is an ingredient adds value to the overall development of a kid.

By Timothy Keter.

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