The Benefits of MPrep to Schools, Kids and Parents

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MPrep is a product tailored to enhance performance of Primary school kids in Kenya. Its platform is integrated with Short Message Service through the short code 8512 and eases revision for examinations. Every parent and teacher always longs for a bright future for his or her children, because the foundation laid in basic education determines the success of an individual in future endeavors.  MPrep is a comprehensive tool that provides an ultimate solution for preparation for examinations. This product is currently at a stage of take-off with a staggering ten thousand plus users.


Schools get access to concrete data on performance by students through MPrep. They receive performance information in form of rankings and subject scores. The ranking organizes data in graphical representations to ensure that enrolled schools compete healthily.  This helps in achieving milestones on academic performance set by schools. Teachers are able to identify areas on which kids are weak and improve on them through individualized attention. In order to access the analytical data, schools need to open an account with MPrep. The account is cheap to open and runs on web, mobile web and SMS platforms.

Parents are keen on academic trends by their children’s educational path. MPrep offers an opportunity for parents to monitor growth in the classroom by identifying strengths and weaknesses.  They get performances per subject as well as collective and average performance of kids.  All this is at an affordable rate for a term of study and stress free weekly updates pushed to the parent’s mobile phone.

MPrep for kids is a one-stop shop when it comes to revision. The content takes into account all the subjects as per the Kenyan curriculum and gets regular updates by the MPrep team and related tutorials.  Students benefit by receiving rankings and variety of quizzes that widen the scope of their revision. At the same time, the tool works for any kind of mobile phone, whether it a smart phone, java phone or the simple feature phone.

The procedure to register for MPrep is a follows: First, text the word START to the Safaricom short code 8512. Then:

v  Register the Names, Gender, Region, and School

v  Activate the first quiz through the codes given by teachers or suggested by MPrep

v  The first question is sent to the mobile phone

v  Respond with the one correct choice answer

v  Receive a tailored response for the answer chosen

v  Complete all the questions in the quiz(usually five)

v  Receive your overall quiz score, ranking in school and ranking in region

v  Receive suggestions for new quizzes

v  Proceed to another quiz by responding with other quiz codes suggested by MPrep

Indeed, MPrep works to transform education and sets a stage for affordable m-learning solutions in Africa.

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