A Public Primary School with a Difference

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Fairlawns is such an attractive name, it sounds more like a British name but with the mention of Fairlawns Public Primary School, you realize its only a common public primary school in Kenya but a public school with a difference due its uniqueness.

Fairlawns Primary School is located in Kikuyu, a serene and learning-friendly environment. It neighbours two Kenyan parastatals which is KEFRI( Kenya Forestry Research Institute) and KARI (Kenya Agricultural Research Institute). This is the reason why the whole school is surrounded by beautiful indigenous trees. Your eyes cannot miss to capture the beautiful canopy trees in the vicinity but all this beauty comes with a cost, very cold temperatures since its up the hill.

What makes Fairlawns more outstanding than other schools is their performance. They had a mean score of 366.4 marks in last year’s KCPE results and have been able to maintain their high scores over the years. This is quite a high mark to score for a public school and even many private schools are not able to hit this mark. Fairlawns was the best public primary school in Kiambu county last year.This of course doesn’t come easy , it’s due to a team of dedicated teachers lead by the headteacher Mrs Elizabeth Muthemba. They sit down with the bottom students and strategize how to turn their low marks into straight A’s. They give individual attention to every student, learning the strengths and weaknesses of each hence coming up with a strategy to help them.

After a demo to the students of the schools less than a month ago, a good number of student have already signed up for Eneza revision platform. The students only need a simple mobile phone to take quizzes, ask questions while their teachers access their scores of the school’s Performance Data Account availed by Eneza.

The students use Eneza as a home based revision tool since mobile phones are prohibited in schools by government regulation. They are excited about using mobile phones to revise since they love technology. It gives them a better use of the phone other than accessing social sites which are not beneficial to their studies.

Fairlawns is looking forward to performing even better since the teachers can access their students weakness and strategize on how to help them better. Congratulation to the Fairlawns for maintaining high standards of excellence in education.

By Mercy Weru,
Community Relations Coordinator,
Eneza Education.

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