Student Tips to Manage Time

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Time management is the act of planning consciously for your time on particular activities. Time wasted is never recovered and therefore a student should be serious in planning and organization of his/her schedule. Poor preparation for examinations is a leading cause of failure and directly proportional to the time taken for revision. Students need to jealously keep track of their time to derive maximum value from it.

Some of the ways that students can use to manage their time effectively include:

Prioritizing tasks

It is important to set goals on a short-term and long term basis so as to put the highest emphasis on high priority areas first. A student should refuse to be dragged into the habit of postponing activities especially small tasks that would have been dispensed in a relatively short period of time. A-B-C rating system is the best way of prioritizing tasks, with A being the highest priority task and C being the least priority activity.

Quantifying Tasks

Quantifying tasks is simply classifying the small and big asks to ascertain which task will be accorded more weight for example, visiting the library to complete an assignment could be the small task while revising for the exams could be the big task.

Avoid Overload

Breaks are necessary in any reading session. This helps to refresh the mind and improve grasping of material read. The breaks can be relaxation sessions or general socializing with peers.

Set a Vision/ Have a flexible Schedule/Attitude

It is important to outline visions clearly rather than doing any activity blindly. The schedule should be pliable enough in case of an unprecedented activity for example an impromptu meeting with a teacher . Moreover, students should cultivate a positive attitude towards using time wisely.

Get and use a Calendar

A calendar is the best planner for a student. It is the best way of chronologically managing all the study and break sessions of students. A calendar allocates sufficient time to each particular activity Be a Pen’s Friend This seems to be funny but it just means you have to jot down all activities that of your day since one cannot remember everything he/she wishes to do. A student could use sticky notes or a diary to record major activities like when to do laundry, when to call parents and even the time to go to sleep.

Let the wisdom of planning for our time start now!

By Timothy Keter

Impact Study Lead,

Eneza Education.

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