The Future of Education

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The use of technology in various sectors of the world economy is spreading like a wild bushfire across the world. In the education sector alone, techies are having sleepless nights in trying to develop seamless solutions to improve the quality of Education in our planet.

20 years ago, no one would have imagined the extent to which technology would impact the socio-economic environment in our world. Africa is experiencing a metamorphosis in technology. Various hubs have been formed in leading cities to quench the thirst for technological solutions. I-Hub, M-Lab and Nailab in Kenya’s capital Nairobi are some of hubs that have paved way for the most unique applications in the education industry.

Kytabu is a textbook subscription app that runs on an Android app. Tonee Ndungu’s Kytabu allows users to purchase books on an hourly, weekly or yearly basis using data bundles. The user can purchase a whole book, a topic of a book or even a chapter. Build on massive encryption capabilities, it is virtually impossible to steal data. Data can also be purchased in dongles that are neither editable nor transferable.

Eneza Education is an indomitable lion in providing revision quizzes to students through simple mobile technology. Eneza’s platform allows a student to revise thousands of quizzes at the most affordable cost. The student is only required to prompt the system by dialing *851# on a safaricom line or texting the word START to 20851. Upon completing registration, the student is free to take as many quizzes as possible.

Eneza allows them to take randomized quizzes, select quizzes from a subject they wish to revise or search quizzes from a topic they wish to revise. The cost of sending a choice answer is Ksh 0.5 and feeback is absolutely free. The feedback gives an individualized explanation about each question.

Eneza Education is a social venture with a mission to make 50 million students in rural Africa smarter. Eneza also provides a web version revision tool, tutorials to poor performers and teacher tips.

This is the future of education!

By Timothy Keter-Impact Study lead @EnezaEducation

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