5 Ways Eneza Education Is Useful for Teachers

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There is a big conversation on Technology in Education going on across the African continent at the moment. Economies are waking up to the reality that Edtech is no longer inevitable. The lap top story has been widely publicized in Kenya’s political arena, the implementation though has been a hard rock to crack. Rwanda is the only African country that has successfully rolled out free laptops to schools.

Eneza is disrupting the landscape of education by introducing yet another rejuvenating idea in the education industry. The teacher-student ratio has been deteriorating over the years and the overstretched teacher workforce culminated in this brilliant low cost idea that uses simple mobile technology. Shupavu291 is a service that allows students to revise for their examinations using an SMS service, with students receiving individualized feedback for every question taken. Students only need to dial *291# to register for the service that costs Ksh 30 per month for unlimited usage of the platform.

Every teacher should utilize this service to identify on student weak areas and improve on them. We outline some of the ways below.

5 Ways why Eneza Education is useful for a Teacher

1. Administration of homework

Eneza Quizzes are coded, with each quiz having a unique code. Teachers only need to have a list of quiz codes for the entire syllabus questions. The student uses the codes by texting (one code at a time) them to 20851 and they will receive quizzes of a particular topic associated with each code.

Apart from using quiz codes teachers can recommend Shupavu291 to their students. With this, students can take auto quizzes suggested by Shupavu, select the subject they wish to revise or search a topic of their choice for revision.

2.Checking Student Reports

Teachers benefit from reports of their students who use Shupavu291. These reports are summarized into SMS and shows student performance in each subject, the top schools and performance of an individual school. To sign up teachers need only to dial *291# and follow the simple steps.

3. Ask a Teacher feature

Are you overwhelmed by the work load as a teacher? Now you can delegate this to Eneza.

Here are Steps to ASK an Eneza Teacher a Question:

1. Dial *291# on a Safaricom line.
2. Register for Shupavu291.
3. Create a message starting with the word ASK then leave a space and type the question you want to ask(*Syllabus questions only*)
4 Send to 20851
5. Wait for a response from 20851.

Note: If you are already registered for Shupavu291 start from STEP 3.

4. Teacher Tips/Quality Content

Eneza sends regular and useful tips to teachers. Our content is prepared by trained teachers and practicing teachers to guarantee the

5. Search Wikipedia without using internet.

Eneza helps you to search Wikipedia without using the internet. Simply dial Dial *291# on a Safaricom line and access hassle free Wikipedia SMS summaries of your choice at 30 a month.

I hope you are a more enlightened and educated teacher now. Keep checking our website for amazing and educative stories as well as job openings on content creation and much more.

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