The use of technology to educate

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When I was in primary school the ways we used to study was mostly similar in nature; study in school, doing homework at home and maybe a few hours of prep time before sleep. Learning material was not easily available as it is now. At times, I would research for hours to find an answer to a difficult question knowing that there was a possibility of this question popping up in the coming exam. My studying involved going through multiple choice exam questions to prepare for exams. However, access to past papers was disheartening at times. Now I can only imagine how informed I could have been if I had the tools to satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

The use of internet to get access to a wider range of information has become prevalent. Of course the debate surrounding the use of technology to young minds cannot go unnoticed but the gains could largely outweigh the setbacks with optimum supervision. SMS technology can now end the worry of unsupervised use of mobile phones by students.

At enezaeducation, we do exactly that. For a fee of 10 shillings a week your child can get access to hundreds of quizzes. Not only that, with the use of Ask-a-teacher function, your child will be able to have difficult questions answered by teachers within minutes. Simply dial *291# and follow the simple instructions to enable you child access information at the comfort of your own home, park, car or anywhere you please.

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