Education: our right, our responsibility

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There are numerous reasons why education is so important. We now live in globalized and interdependent society where our futures are now determined by the level and type of education. By education, I mean the general meaning, which includes both formal and informal education; however, there is a slight prejudice toward formal education.

We all, at one point in time, experience that important shift from dependency to independence, which is largely associated with one’s level and type of education. During primary education, our parents provide for all our needs and we can only imagine what pressures they went through to do this. For most, this continues for some years until they finish secondary school.

In most of our schooling years, we dream, we imagine; we see ourselves reaching for the stars, becoming professionals and taking up careers we always dreamed of. For instance, teachers, doctors, farmers, pilots and other professionals passed through different educational systems to accomplish their goals. This in turn leads to that expected contribution to the greater good, whether it is economic growth of the nation or society in general.

To achieve the above, we seriously need an inclusive educational system that would not only provide for all but ensure that this equality is fostered. Equality involves all spheres of society, economic, social, gender, and participation.

For educational equity, we need to understand that there exist different social and economic classes. Those from the top half would find it affordable due to their high disposable incomes. The majority of students who cannot continue to study in school due to inability to pay school fees are from the bottom half of the classes. Many states in the developing world have failed to provide for these students, therefore failing countless individuals who could have made our world a better place by reaching their potential.

Many students continue to fall through society’s cracks just because they were not born in well off families. Therefore, an increase in systems to balance the needs of those who cannot afford to go to school, for instance scholarships, need to increase, What are we as Eneza doing about this? Eneza education is offering 10 students from class 5-8 scholarships for the year 2015. This includes annual fees, books and supplies, tutoring, school uniforms and shoes, boarding supplies, Eneza products as well as cash allowances.

Our children need to be taught how to think for themselves in order to become influential people in our communities. As Nelson Mandela reiterated,” education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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