Eneza features on Gamechangers 500- For-Benefit organizations.

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Here’s some good news, we have made it to the Game Changers 500 list. Game Changers 500 (GC500) ranks the world’s top For-Benefit organizations. It is like an alternative to the Fortune 500 list.

Rather than rank organizations from 1 to 500 based on revenue alone, they award organizations up to 9 badges that represent best practices in using business as a force for good. The more badges an organization earns, the higher they rank and the more of a GameChanger they are.

GameChangers in business are organizations that are using business as a force for good. The objective of the Old Game was profit-at-all cost as opposed to the new game objective, which is to maximize benefit to people and the planet. Therefore, the GameChangers in business are the organizations helping construct this new model and innovate best practices for using business as a force for good.

The number of badges earned and the number of likes received from viewers influence an organization’s rank. We have earned four badges: Orange, yellow, purple and pink. This means that we are a company where everyone wins, we have empowered employees, are meeting our mission and we reinvent how we do business.

This is a big deal for us to feature on the list, as we are on a mission to make 50 Million Kids across rural Africa smarter through widespread mobile technology. But as Missy, our Chief Business Development officer says, “at Eneza, we never get comfortable with success”. We are always aiming at higher heights.

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