Importance of data in customer service

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Customer Care

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Leading our Customer Care team, I have witnessed certain trends. More of the issues in dealing with clients are identical to every organization.

Some of the issues our users faced have led us to formulate policies  to resolve their problems. Users matter the most to us because they are our reason for existence.

When I started on this job, our team used to receive many calls from users of the Eneza products with different issues. Some of the issues were:

  1. How to register on our platforms.
  2. Not being able to receive messages on Shupavu291
  3. How to use Ask a Teacher service
  4. Navigating the Shupavu291 menu e.g. Change class & Subject.
  5. Inquiries for additional content i.e. Humanities, Past Papers, Revision Diagrams.
  6. Users with language barrier issues.

We came up with some specific solutions to easen registration on our Mobile Learning platform, Shupavu 291. Some of these solutions I have listed below.

  • The registration process was simplified.
  • The navigation on the main menu was simplified as well, such that one could access change class on the menu.
  • We came up with different messages for users experiencing challenges on the system. These were targeted to address  specific challenges. For instance: for users not receiving messages due to lack of airtime, we sent a reminder message for them to top up.
  • More users have been able to interact with our live teachers on our Ask a Teacher service, to ask any question.
  • Our customer care representatives have been trained to communicate to different users in the simplest language that they can understand.
  • We have been able to track data from our clients who are stuck at different points in the registration. Our team then calls each of them to assist in registration to the system.
  • Our team also does follow ups to ensure client satisfaction is achieved.

Our users are our topmost priority. We ensure that they are satisfied with our products within the shortest time of inquiry. This is because one satisfied client brings in 10 more, while it takes only one dissatisfied client to lose 10 others.

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Everlyne Muli is our Customer Care Lead. She believes in taking risks to achieve a bigger goal in life.

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