Interactive Learning on Mobile Technology: Ask-A-Teacher

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Many parents own mobile phones hence children can learn through the technological device. Eneza Education developed a noble feature called Ask-A-Teacher that complements the teachers efforts outside the stringent class environment. Now students have the opportunity to ask questions outside the normal classroom setup.

Probably, you could be asking yourself what Ask-A-Teacher is all about. It is a feature that enables students to ask questions to a live teacher on any area of the curriculum and receive a response within a short time (15 – 30 minutes). Eneza has a team of qualified teachers who are ready to respond to the questions everyday. Ask-A-Teacher is basically a teacher assistant platform, outside the classroom environment and complements what teachers have taught in class.

The kind of questions that students have asked on Ask-A-Teacher so far are diverse in nature. Majority being curriculum related questions. Other questions cover areas such as general knowledge, study tips, questions about career, emerging issues, current affairs among others. Other students ask for guidance and counselling in the issues they are going through such as relationships, adolescence etc. Students also ask questions on how to use the Eneza platform to improve their academic performance.

Ask-A-Teacher has been of great benefit to students. For instance, students can ask questions on any topic area of the curriculum as well as non curriculum areas at any time of the day from 8am to 9pm including weekends. Our teachers ensure that students get instant responses to questions asked.

The fact that Eneza teachers are virtual makes it easier for students to ask questions they they didn’t understand in class without the fear of being judged by other students or the teacher. Actually, students who had long been struggling to ask questions in class on areas they have not understood now have the ability to ask questions at the comfort of their homes through Ask-A-Teacher.

The major role of the teacher responders on Ask-A-Teacher is to guide students into thinking, by engaging them on the topics they ask questions about. Teachers take on  the role of a facilitator more than an instructor in responding to the questions. This has proved to help students develop critical thinking skills in approaching problems and finding solutions to the problems on their own.

To access Ask-A-Teacher, students need to sign up for a course with any of Eneza platforms. Eneza has three major platforms that are user friendly and cost effective for any person across the country. These are:- SMS platform which works with a Safaricom line. One has to dial *291# and complete the registration process. There is also a web platform called Mwalimoo on the link: and Eneza Android App on the google play store.

From the time Ask-A-Teacher was launched, there has been an increase in the number of questions from time to time. This increase is due to the increase in user base. So far, we have received over 300,000 questions from January 2014 to June 2016 on Ask-A-Teacher. The more interactive it gets the more users we shall have.

Asking questions doesn’t mean you don’t know but a sign that you want to learn more!

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