7 Cool Ed-Tech Apps that bring life to the classroom

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  1. Edmodo is a global education network that helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. Edmodo is a platform that teachers, parents and students can use. I have personally used the platform as a student to take quizzes set by a lecturer. The good thing with the platform, is that students have a timeline for taking quizzes.
  2. Quizup is a trivia app that sharpens a player’s cognitive skills. It has a wide scope of areas of interest, from educational stuff to popular television movies to history.
  3. Quizlet is a platform where teachers can create quizzes and assign a class. One can also play a timed game in any subject of interest.
  4. Mwalimoo is an interactive platform where learners at different levels get to take lessons and assessments based on the Kenyan Curriculum. Learners get feedback on every answer they submit. This is to show them where they need to improve. Another thing is parents can assign quizzes to their students and assess their performance.
  5. Ever thought about your history classes? Some students find history boring, because of the many dates you have to memorize. TimeToast makes it easy to simplify this seemingly ‘boring’ subject.
  6. Ever thought of how to make your students great storytellers? Well, ZimmerTwins is the site you should check out. It is a digital story telling site where students can explore their creative juices by creating animated movies. It would be a good idea to watch the movies together as a class after the projects are through. It’s an ideal site to engage 7-10 year olds.
  7. Educaplay is a site that has puzzles for different subject areas. This is a great way for students to test their cognitive skills.

There are numerous Apps that can liven the learning environment. Lookout for more interesting learning Apps which we shall share as we discover.

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