The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on students #EnezaChat July 1

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The number of unrest in schools is worrying. It seems to be a trend that repeats itself over the years. In just one week, we witnessed two events of high school arson. The number of fires breaking in schools lately is alarming.

When it comes to tertiary institutions, the abuse of drugs and alcohol is on the rise. Could the cycle of school unrest be tied to drug abuse?

A survey we ran had the highest number of debut alcohol consumption at teenage (between 13-19 years).

Just over the weekend, we witnessed the loss of university students through a road accident. It is alleged that drunk driving could have been the cause of the accident.

Join us for an #EnezaChat on Friday 8th July as we delve into the discussions of Drugs and Alcohol abuse on students’ life. The twitter chat starts at 2pm-5pm.

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