Employee Motivation, Eneza Style.

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Team Awesome at a team lunch.

Team Awesome at a team lunch.

How do you write on Employee Motivation when the year is half gone? When your team KPIs that you committed with great enthusiasm and optimism don’t look or feel achievable? When your employees have started slowing down and showing signs of burnout? When everyone is anticipating the next public holiday? It has to come with within. You have to be motivated yourself to motivate your team.

Motivating employees or as we refer to ourselves here at Eneza- “Team Awesome” is an everyday thing. All the way from January to December, From Week 1 –Week 52, in summer and in winter, in sickness or in …… you get my drift, e-ver-y-day process. So how do I motivate my team? It’s in the small things we do at work, here are a few examples:

  1. Stand Ups

Each of the smaller teams at Eneza has its own standup, either weekly or daily. These are meetings which all the members of the team stop what they are working on and share – what they were working on the day before, or through the week. What was their win/ achievement? What was their challenge of the (if any) and what they are working on that day. Through this process, each member of the team takes a moment to look back at their day and find one thing that they achieved and can celebrate.

Also in the same process, members can talk about their challenges and get solutions from within the team instantly during the standup. As a whole, we at Eneza have embraced this process which encourages teamwork.

  1. Employee of the month

A few days before the end of the month, we all participate in voting for “Awesome Award “Winner. People get votes for having exceptional professional skills, it could be something as simple as being the most helpful or approachable to fellow team members. It can be literally for just being awesome in any way. What does the winner get? One leave day (of their choice), within the month, their picture mounted on the wall & monetary appreciation. We all look forward to the beginning of a new month.

  1. Milestones.

We do not overlook victories no matter how small. We celebrate together as one family. These celebrations include birthdays, which are celebrated in style. Sometimes it may be a surprise cake popping in while people are busy working. The look of surprise on team members’ faces is usually priceless.

  1. Team Bonding

Every Thursday, our entire team goes for lunch together. This time is used to interact within the different team members. The CEO gets a chance to chat with a customer care agent or the Content Manager will sit with the backend developer and our accountant will converse with our social media associate. We get to know who each other is as we share a meal. After all, a team that eats together…… you got it.

We also organize for occasional team building activities where we interact with each other away from the office. This Friday, one such activity took place. We get to learn a lot of valuable lessons which we then apply practically in our daily tasks. 

  1. Transparency

Employee Motivation comes when the organization leaders are inspired and appreciative of their team. Last week, Our CEO called an impromptu meeting for the entire team. He did a presentation of the updates that would be shared publicly with our partners later. That gesture showed that every member of Team Eneza is valued. In short, we are the Eneza VVIP (Very Very Important Persons).

You don’t have to be a C-suite manager or have an office with your name on the door to motivate your team. You just need to have the zeal to do it. Trust me, someone out there will appreciate it. And remember, it doesn’t have to be something that costs a lot of money or takes a lot of your time.

I would love to know what you are doing to motivate your employees. Let’s engage in the comments.

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