#EnezaChat: Possible Solutions to School Burning Crisis

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The number of school fires being witnessed in our country is alarming. As of 28th July, the number of torched schools has hit the 115th mark.

There are many theories as to the cause of the school fires. Some quarters claim that the exam leaking cartels are to blame. There are others who are of the opinion that the education system needs an overhaul, still others claim that perpetrators most of whom are students, need to face the full force of the law.

All this is happening under the backdrop of the coming KCSE exams. The Education CS, Dr. Fred Matiang’i introduced stringent measures to curb exam cheating about two months ago. Could this be part of the cause for the rising infernos?

We held an #EnezaChat on twitter to discuss the possible causes of the burning crisis and suggest possible solutions. This is a sample of what people had to say on this matter.

There definitely will be many suggestions as to how to amicably solve this school burning crisis. We just hope that a solution will be found soon. A stakeholders’ meeting was held at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to come up with solutions to this issue that is plaguing our education system.

Meanwhile, learning has to continue. Students can access our mobile learning platforms, Shupavu291 for 10 shillings weekly and Mwalimoo for 140 shillings monthly and get revision materials. Our content is in line with the National curriculum.

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