Nairobi EdTech Meetup: July Demo Day 27th July.

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Demo Day
Nairobi Edtech meetup is a community of people in the EdTech circles. We hold meetups to discuss different topics in the Education and Technology sphere. Every once in a while, we organize a demo day where successful applicants come to showcase their initiatives. This last Wednesday was one of those Demo Days. True to the promise, we learned a lot from the five minute presentations followed by Q&A sessions.

Being totally challenged by students from Nova Academies who have developed a gaming App to help them with their memory. I was impressed by their mastery of programming language. Their pitch was outstanding. They made me ask myself what I was doing with my life at that age.

Then Simulia impressed me in that my nieces and nephews can now get the reading culture inculcated in them from a young age. The price is also reasonable 300 shillings per month and you can get unlimited reading content for school kids. We even got a promo code, for a discount. Impressive! is the word.

How about FunKe Science that’s developing young scientists from Kenyan schools? Well, I think Science needs to be made fun in our schools. That way, many children will enjoy doing what we dreaded when we were in school. Oh well, let me speak for myself. I dreaded Physics and Chemistry.

Tunapanda showed us that girls can also take part in Technology. They are doing a great job in Kibera and Turkana with the Swag program, bridging the digital divides.

Teach Phonics was an interesting one. An app for teachers to get the right pronunciation of words before teaching kids. Who agrees with me that this App would be of much help, especially in our ECD curriculum? Once a child gets something from a teacher, correcting it is an exercise in futility. Teacher is always right, never mind the wrong pronunciation of words.

Finally, we saw Yusudi’s work in training youth for the workplace.

I am totally looking forward to the next Demo Day.

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