Challenges facing balanced curriculum in schools

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Students from Iftin Primary School in Daadab refugee camp.

Students from Iftin Primary School in Daadab refugee camp.

This is part two of an article on balanced curriculum in schools. Part 1 is here. 

Let me also highlight a few of the factors that have contributed to deficiency of balanced curriculum in some students lives. These are:-

Lack of necessary facilities in schools–  A number of schools have facilities that support extracurricular activities while a few have fallen short but continue to operate. One can wonder how they realize the balance between academics and sports. Schools should consider developing their student’s talents by providing the necessary needed facilities such as play grounds. Some schools are developed without consideration of such vital facilities as playgrounds.

Not involving parents and teachers  The success of a balanced curriculum can only be achieved under the guidance from teachers and parents. Identifying a child’s talent in the early stages helps the teachers guide the leaner in balancing academics and co-curricular activities. Parents should also be willing to cope with the pressure that comes with their kid’s participation in sports such as traveling and training with possibilities of sustaining serious injuries.

Academic pressures– The pressures of passing exams, completing assignments, syllabus completion among others can be very demanding to an extent that students concentrate only on one area and leaving out the other important aspects such as developing their talents. Students should be taught the skill of multitasking. Co-curriculum activities enable them to be in position to multitask even after school.

Misconceptions Some students think that participating in co-curriculum activities automatically leads to under-performance in their academics. I totally disagree with this. I know of many classmates who ventured into athletics and other sports and succeeded in pursuing their talents as well as performing well academically. There is no way one can fail to excel in exams simply because they take part in sports. However, I caution students who think co-curricular activities can forge them a bright future, so that they take academic issues jokingly. Think again, my friends. The two should go hand in hand because excellence in both guarantees a better future.

Stay tuned for part three of this series, and continue pursuing your dreams. They are valid.

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