Ways to achieving the balance between school and sports 

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This is the third in a three part blog series on balanced curriculum in schools. Find part two here. It is vital for students to identify time-saving tips and techniques and implement them to succeed not only academically but also in other areas. As a student, it is important to consider the following steps seriously:-

Get organized and stay organized – Students taking part in co-curricular activities should have a calendar or timetable that helps them to schedule their week in advance. This will help them to meet their obligations. They should also stick to the schedule as much as possible. This should be done with the help of teachers.

Plan your day; don’t let your day plan you -Look at your calendar and note when you have assignments and homework due, exam schedules, practices and games schedules. Plan how you will study and when you will study.

Manage your time -With competing demands placed on your time, you must plan your known time schedule. Known times are school time, game and practice time, travel time to and from school, as well as travel time to and from sports practices and events. This helps you to determine your actual homework time and study time.

Use your weekends wisely – Use your weekend as preparation time for the week ahead. Start homework for the upcoming week. Read topics and take notes ahead of time. Revise your notes well, read topics, study, or read books.

Do not procrastinate – Familiar with the saying Procrastination is a thief of time? Do assignments as soon as they are given, rather than waiting until the last minute. Assuredly, poor planning and waiting until the last minute will result in missing practices for games.

Do not get behind -Whether this pertains to homework, schoolwork, your academic performance, or sports practices, it is important to stay ahead of schoolwork rather than to play catch up with grades, missed assignments, or missed sporting events.

I have said the same thing in six different ways- Time Management. Having to plan your  time properly instills a sense of responsibility in a student. Prove to  your parents and teachers that you can handle both sports and academics quite well.

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