Toast to A Million: Eneza reaches OVER 1 Million Users

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I Million Users

We have surpassed the million mark, at 1,100,000 unique devices on our platform. A million at any scale is such an impressive number, isn’t it? The significance of our million is the fact that while web traffic has created avenues to attract unique visitors left, right and center, the last mile space is a different story. But before we tell it, appreciation.

Super users like Imelda, Simon and Peninah are proof that even without computers and the internet, technology is extremely exciting! They take over 6,000 lessons weekly chatting with our SMS chat-bot tutor. They are the primary reason we work around the clock to ensure a last mile user experience like no other. Without them, we would NOT be celebrating this 1 million.

1 million requires magic, and 26 full-time rock-star magicians to power the execution of a platform now ready to take on 50 million. Eneza is a movement with a front-line of young, dedicated professionals who are always failing, learning and building on the go-practicing exactly what they preach to our learners.

Kago & Toni

Kago & Toni

4 years ago our two incredible co-founders, Kago Kagichiri and Toni Maraviglia – the Techie and the Teacher, observed a need in the education sector. A need that required a cost-effective, scalable solution, that would include the under-served. Our investors believed in that mission before we had a business model and now that we have one ripe for rapid expansion, they are with us every step of the way. Our experienced management team share a desire to transform African education in the millions before anything else, and now we’ve stepped in the millions, so we can focus on the rest.

Shupavu Launch









We’re thankful for unique partnerships that give our innovation a global edge:

  • Safaricom – Our innovation Telco hub. Other telcos are realizing working business cases that they’ve never considered before, all thanks to the leeway to innovate at home with the company driving M-Pesa. Together we’ve made firsts in subscription billing, last mile marketing and all-you-can-get content for those who need it the most.
  • Xavier Project manages 8,000 high-risk refugees in Dadaab and Kakuma camps. These digital learners are more engaged on our product than our organic users. They’re proving that the next 10 million can be powered by other passionate partners with an audacious mission and Eneza in hand as a tool for change.
  • IDP Foundation funded our pilot in Ghana. Our expansion there meant their low-cost schools had a low-cost digital learning tool. In conjunction with Wings for Life Ghana, our content is not only targeting 250 IDP schools. Learners in Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria take the same curriculum under W.A.E.C.
  • Shule Direct duplicated our model in Tanzania with our proprietary telecommunications, billing and content-delivery technology powering their local content. Tanzanian learners aren’t left behind.
  • are partnering with us to deliver affordable content and billing for smartphones and web-capable feature phones. Who said you can’t mix old-school seamless billing with HTML5 images and video? No one. But no one ever tried, until this partnership! More below…

DSC_0886 IMG_4772

Before we raise our glasses to Toast to a Million, let’s re-shed some light on what this number means. We wouldn’t celebrate this loudly if it wasn’t the result of rapid growth. Just this year, we’ve reigned in 450,000 last mile users.

If you’re subscribed to our VIP update, you’ll recall our aggressive marketing through our product launch, radio promotions and excellent customer service.

Our three last-mile countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana are now joined by their online siblings: Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Liberia, Nigeria, Benin, Rwanda, and Iraq! Our Math & English lessons and assessments are categorized by age on and Mwalimoo M. Three weeks later, our smartphone content has engaged over 2,000 users from 5,000 registered users.

With quadruple the number of avenues to transform education (SMS, Web,, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram) the 50M mark is much closer than you think. The real work is always in maintaining your users by delivering top quality educational resources to learners. Let’s not forget reaching those who aren’t aware we’re here for them.

The future looks bright. Our business model is turnkey, our partnerships are amazing love stories, we’re scaling geographies, and most of all; our learners are inviting their friends! We’re realizing the educational movement that we set out to create 4 years ago.

Nairobi Innovation Week 2
Cheers to a million!

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