Important things to consider when applying for any Scholarship

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Our first post on scholarships for secondary students continues to attract appeals from very bright students seeking financial assistance to continue their education.

We believe in giving young people the chance of educational empowerment through access to learning for all. That is why we provide learning through the mobile phones, a tool that is readily available in most households in Kenya and globally. Our vision is making 50 Million learners smart across Rural Africa.

There are many organizations providing scholarships to bright students. We endeavor to bring these to our readers attention, connecting you to such opportunities.

Remember, these scholarship opportunities have different application requirements. We will be sharing links to the websites for the scholarship applications when we find opportunities.

Common things to look out for when applying for a scholarship

  • Most scholarships have a deadline for application. You should have your application ready and submit it on time, on or before the deadline.
  • Almost all scholarships have a set of qualifications for applying. Check them and see whether you meet the qualifications. A common qualification is usually academic merit. For example, you have to have attained over 350 marks in your KCPE exams. The qualifications vary for different scholarships.
  • Some scholarships require that you fill the forms. Ensure you enter all the details required so as to give you a chance of qualifying for the scholarship.
  • Stories are a good way of attracting scholarships. Make sure you articulate your story well in your statement, so as to give the scholarship giver a reason to consider you.
  • Have every document required for the application process. Some scholarships require you to have your result slip, leaving certificate, parents’ ID, and so on.  Make sure you have all the requirements before completing your application.
  • Finally be wary of scholarships that require you to pay some money. Some of these are scams seeking to extort money from unsuspecting people. Do a thorough background check before any application.

All the  best in your quest for scholarships. We will share any information as we come across it, so keep reading our posts for updates. As you look for scholarship opportunities, you don’t have to be left out of education. You can continue learning on any of our mobile learning platforms.

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