Mastery of the Studying Habit

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We all study with the aim of success. Many learners strive to perform well in their studies. People tend to have different individual study tips that work for them, while others fail due to their mode of study. I will share a few study tips that are sure to help you in your studies.

1. Being positive
A positive mindset sets things in motion towards the right direction, strengthens the will, motivates and is the key to achieving what we set our minds to do. Need I  say more? Create and have  a positive mindset in your studies and let’s see how well it all turns out.

2. Have a study goal
Setting a goal in your studies is also key as it gives you direction and purpose. They say reach for the sky. Set a goal, work towards achieving and meeting your goal.

3. Have a study plan
The key to breaking the cycle of cramming for tests is to think ahead and create an effective study plan. Not only will this help you get organised and make the most of your time, it’ll also put your mind at ease and eliminate that nasty feeling you get when you walk into an exam knowing that you’re not at all prepared. As the old saying goes, fail to prepare and be prepared to fail.

4. Get study partners
It’s good to select a couple of study partners who you know you can work well with and share the motivation to achieve good grades. Get people who complement and challenge you to Roube better.

5. Create a study routine
Your study routine is comprised of more than planning what and when to learn. A habit is formed after repeating a task consistently. Create a studying habit.

6. Study Environment
One of the main concerns is your study environment. Find a place to study that is quiet and with few distractions. Try different environments and sitting positions to be able to establish what works for you.

7. Test yourself
It’s a strange thing, but sometimes simply entering an exam environment is enough to make you forget some of the things you’ve learned. The solution is to mentally prepare for the pressure of having to remember key dates, facts, names, formulas and so on. Testing yourself with regular quizzes is a great way of doing this. As they say, practice makes perfect.

8. Create a story out of what you read
Everybody likes to read or listen to a good story, and with good reason – not only do stories entertain us, they help us to understand and memorize key details too. You can apply this to your studies by weaving important details or facts into a story – the more outlandish and ridiculous you can make it, the better (since you’ll be more likely to remember a particularly crazy story).

9. Taking regular breaks
None of us are superhuman, so it’s important to realize that you can’t maintain an optimum level of concentration without giving yourself some time to recover from the work you’ve put in. This can take the form of a ten-minute walk, a trip to the gym, having a chat with a friend or simply fixing yourself a hot drink. Anything to help you relax, hence boosting your productivity.

10. Embracing new technologies
Studying no longer means jotting things down with a pen on a scrap of paper. The old handwritten method still has its place of course, it’s just that now there are more options for personalizing study than ever before. Whether it’s through online tools, social media, blogs, videos or mobile apps, learning has become more fluid and user-centered.

11. Finding a healthy balance
Take this opportunity to evaluate yourself both physically and mentally. Instead of  complaining “I never get enough sleep” or “I’m eating too much convenience food” take control and do something about it! Make the change and see how it positively affects your attitude and study routine. This should motivate you to maintain a healthy balance in the future.

12. Ask questions
By asking questions we get to learn a whole lot. Not only will you be able to get answers to your questions, but also gain more information. For a start, why not try out our mobile web app and get to ask our professional teachers any education related questions and get assisted, through Ask-A-Teacher feature.

These are few study tips that will be able to guide and assist students to study well and ultimately achieve the best in education. Our mwalimoo app has got you covered and should become your best study buddy.

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