Educational trips: Vital tool in learning

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Nothing was as amazing as a school trip back in the day. I believe everyone got excited by the school trips as much as I did, (at Least that’s the notion I got from my school). Not only were they the best type of recess, but it meant a moment away from the classroom walls, a break from the (not so good) “githeri” we had almost every lunch, a break from the bells, the normal routine, need I say more?

As we celebrated the the World Tourism Day on 27th September, whose the theme was ‘Promoting Universal Accessibility’, it got me thinking, how much do we even know our own country? There are so many beautiful, breathtaking sceneries at our disposal. There is so much to see and learn. Tourism is not just for the ‘tourists’ but also for us, we can be tourists in our own right. It also came to my notice that many people get to visit many places mainly when they are in schools, during school trips. Let’s look at some of the advantages of the educational school field trips:

  • For students who are active learners, educational trips provide a way to bring classroom lessons to life, making them more tangible and easy to understand. Even students who find book learning boring usually enjoy the activity and perspective that field trips have to offer.
  • The touch with reality also helps the students in remembering what they learn in class. For example a history student visiting historical sites or science museums give students hands-on learning opportunities to explore concepts. Trips to the theater, art museums and orchestra concerts expose students to cultural experiences they might not experience otherwise, which helps them to appreciate and respect the different cultures in the country and beyond. Thus they not only help them in understanding what they learn, but also helps boost their imagination and scope of knowledge.
  • Students on a school trip get a chance to meet new people, offering lots of opportunities to practice their social skills. It further allows them to make new friends on the trip, who they may otherwise never really got to know. Sharing certain experiences provides a strong bond and friendship between people and gives them an opportunity to relive the experience with others when telling stories in the future.
  • Getting to interact with the teachers on a more personal level during a trip. This is a marvelous way to build report between teachers and students, that will be of benefit for a long time afterwards. Kids who have a personal connection with a teacher are a lot more participatory and motivated in class. Their behavior in general improves, as they suddenly feel more connected to the teacher and see how them not paying attention directly affects the teacher.

It is vital for students to expand their worldview, to be taken out of their comfort zone and get an opportunity to appreciate other cultures and people. Without this awareness, students will find it difficult to become worldly citizens of the 21st century. Teachers don’t just have a responsibility for teaching  students their subject, they also have a duty in making students independent, shaping them into mature citizens. It also gives a positive much needed break from the boring normal routine and serves as a motivation for students. Do you remember the school trips you made? We’d like to hear your experience in the comments. 

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