Eneza adds MORE than 600,000 users in less than 3 Months!

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November 15, 2016.

It’s been less than three months and we have grown our numbers to an extra 600,000 unique users on our platform. We can’t over emphasize the power of great Marketing, R&D, Tech, and an amazing team but most of the credit goes to our marketing efforts that are on point. We have transitioned from word of mouth and scaled to mass media. During our third quarter, we leveraged on radio stations to run campaigns targeting the rural population. This was informed by the fact that 70% of our growth is being driven by the rural population- users accessing the most basic of phones.

Numbers speak loudly, making us the fastest growing EdTech platform in Africa, with a 33% month on month growth. This is what we mean by revolutionizing African Education. Much work has gone into maintaining active and paying users, who are satisfied with the service they get. Through mobile micro-billing, we have been able to do what others would have thought impossible. We have reduced the time to payment significantly, by 70%, proving our customer satisfaction efforts successful.

Sept 2015-Aug 2016

Sept 2015-Aug 2016

Such rapid growth in numbers calls for serious expansion plans. A great 2017 road-map is in place, to increase our impact in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana- where we currently operate. We also plan to spread to Southern Africa- (Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa & Lesotho) and West Africa (Nigeria) not leaving behind our neighbor Uganda. Most of the expansion will be focused on our SMS product, due to our target users living in the rural areas. In our plan, we will also start monetizing our Mobile Web product which has a rapidly growing user base in South Africa followed by Nigeria.


Our Local Partners Craft Ed (Ghana) & Shule Direct (Tanzania)

Our Local Partners
Craft Ed (Ghana) & Shule Direct (Tanzania)

To facilitate our expansion, we are growing our team. We’ve brought on board great minds like David Njonjo, as the VP of Finance and Operations, and John Eliakim who is our Account Manager. We need a big wig mobile developer to scale our Android platform adoption. We are also in need of Account Managers in our respective countries of expansion. If you know a good fit for our team, we’d be happy to receive referrals. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Corporates are also welcome to reach out to us for possible partnerships.

Look out for more great expansion stories in our next update. In the meantime, keep an eye for more of our press coverage like these ones!

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