Developing a saving discipline: The 52 Week Challenge

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New year comes with new resolutions to better oneself. Whether academically, physically or financially. One factor remains constant though. It is investing into oneself. Whatever your goal, if you do not invest time and resources, you will never go past the dreaming phase.

As you  may know, we offer financial literacy through a basic business course, to any small scale entrepreneur that would like to run a successful business. There is a savings challenge that has been doing rounds on social media. Last week, one of our awesome developers showed me a calculator system he has developed. The system helps you set your saving goals,  based on the savings challenge concept, and helps you calculate how much you would like to have saved by the end of 52 weeks. A big shout out to Peter Bikundo, our senior developer.

The 52 week challenge works by adding 100 weekly to the original amount. You can start with any amount you are comfortable with. In the example, the initial amount is 50 shillings. At the end of 52 weeks, the total becomes 68,900. That’s money you can use to actualize your goals. You only need to be disciplined in saving once you set your goal.

To do this, you may need to open a savings account that restricts your access to the money for the period you want to  save. You can choose from a wide variety of financial services. Take our basic business course today and get to learn the options of saving. You can get started by dialing *291# from any Safaricom mobile phone, and registering to the business course. This is the Shupavu291 product. All the best as you start your journey to financial freedom.

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