Eneza adds 1 Million users in 6 months.

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We have reached over 2.1 Million unique users on our platform. This calls for a grand celebration, but first let’s see how we got here.

The Journey to 1 Million more.

99% of our 2.1 Million, are Shupavu 291 users in Kenya, through our partnership with Safaricom, our Kenyan telco giant. Facilitated by our great customer support, airtime incentives to active users, together with aggressive marketing campaigns on local radio stations, we we get a month-on-month average of an additional 70,000 unique users.

This year we have an average of 142,000 monthly active users, and over 300 Million messages exchanged on our platform. Learners like Imelda, Isaiah and Silas are our motivation to continue being the best supplementary education provider. This is why we introduced airtime rewards to appreciate parents who avail their mobile phones to their children for learning.

Our online product user numbers are also on the rise. These users access learning through a multi-device platform: mobile web, desktop and android versions. More learners aged 13-18 years can now access unlimited Math, English and General sciences through mobile web, available globally.

It’s barely two months since our soft launch of Eneza 291 in Ghana. Thanks to our ingenious tech team, students in Ghana can now access learning by dialing *291# from an MTN Ghana line at USD 0.06 daily. Ghana users are now 63,824, 97% growth from 2,000 users in April, with just below the line marketing.

We have a new Southern African telco partner, the Econet Wireless group. Learners from Zimbabwe will soon access our content on Ruzivo digital learning. Steady steps toward our 50 Million in Africa.

Kirui Kennedy, our new Head of Product who joined us in April, is streamlining processes to increase efficiency. Kirui, whose previous role was heading the Tech team at iHub consultancy, is the best person to join our team at this juncture. Having a great team that understands your vision is key to any startup’s trajectory. That’s why we always acknowledge our great team and our new rockstars. Kirui, thank you for considering the children impacted by our work.

Moving forward

Aggressive marketing campaigns in Ghana and Tanzania are in the pipeline. We aim to add 1 Million more users in these two markets by end of this year.

More value adding partnerships with Safaricom will enable us to add 1 million more users and a additional of 243k paying users in Kenya, in the next 6 months. We can confidently surpass this goal, with our ever growing number of amazing users.

There’s a new Basic Education curriculum, 2-6-6-3 in Kenya, that rolled out to 470 schools in May. Our content team began creating relevant content that’s competency based, aligned with the national curriculum- an activity that blends with our content road-map of adaptive learning based on individual learner abilities.

Expansion across Sub-Saharan Africa also calls for localized content in the different countries. There’s definitely more work involved, but the satisfaction is in our ability to democratize education to the under-served at scale.

Highlights from Q1

We were mentioned at the Facebook F8 conference, among the pioneers in using account kit for logging in to our Mobile Web platform. This technology ensures safe logging in to our platform for every unique mobile number.

Eneza was mentioned as one of the ancillary services in Africa in the Business of Education in Africa report.

GSMA featured us among the case studies in their report titled- Building Synergies: How Mobile Operators and Startups can partner for impact in emerging markets.

We celebrate all our users for making us your go to ed-tech solution. In the next update, be on the lookout for more stories about deeper learning and expansion.

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