Eating should be allowed at any time during the school day

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MCQ tests

I am sitting here listening to the Math teacher and trying to make head or tail of what he is talking about. Whom am I kidding, I am just staring blankly at him, seeing his mouth move, yet my mind isn’t really here.

I know it’s not yet break time, but my stomach doesn’t understand the timetable. It is not out of disrespect for this teacher, but lately hunger pangs have decided to be my friend. You know that sort of friendship that forces itself on you even when you are ignoring it? Yes? No?

Positive thoughts! This too shall pass! A few more minutes to break time! Then I will grab that sandwich and bewitch this bewitching wretched hunger. Oh crap! (Forgive my swearing).

He is coming this way. Focus! Focus!

Teacher: “Young man, what answer do you have?”

Me: I am still working it out.

Teacher: “Are you really here? You seem to be far away in your thoughts. Come back to class!”

Me: (Pen on my notebook) I was just thinking of a better way to solve the problem. (A student’s best asset is a brain that thinks fast. I call mine the beautiful brain. It has gotten me out of more awkward situations. I just hope it doesn’t let me down today.)

Teacher: OK class; let’s go on, where were we?

Me: Sigh! That was close.

You see, if we had snacks in class, this would not have happened. Now he will be on my case to show the class my new method of solving the problem. Good thing I have this cool app that allows me to practice my schoolwork at home. You can also try it out.

See why if I was president I would make it legal for students to snack anytime during the school day?

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