Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook are way cooler than Physics lessons

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Some people think they have a PHD in maturity because they never post on social media (Rolls eyes emoji). Ha! Who do they think they are?

I don’t care if they are my sister, aunt, uncle or whatever. No one has the right to tell me what to post or not to post on my Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat profiles. People amaze me with their ancient thinking. They should just let me live my life, because I didn’t stop them from living their lives. Duh!

People think that because they are older than you, they have the right to tell you not to live your life the way you want. Hmm! Matter of fact, it’s time for a status update. Let me start with Instagram. Lip gloss, check; Perfect outfit, check; Hair, on fleek. Selfie time!

Which one? Which one? This one looks Pur- fect! It just needs some filters. Now who’s that? I don’t recognize her too. But I love the look. Post! Share on Facebook! Done! I’ll bet you 200 likes in 30 minutes for this one.

Now to this boring homework! I just don’t get it, why do teachers give so much homework? Especially that Physics teacher, he always seems like he’s singing some ancient lullabies during his afternoon classes. That’s why I have to sneak my phone to class. I have better things to do, like Snapchatting the afternoon away. By the way, have you discovered the cool new Snap Map? You can see where your friends and their friends are on a map. Now that’s more interesting than a double lesson in Physics in the afternoon.

I know you are asking why I picked Physics, if I loathe it so much. Story of another day! Let me just say it was pressure from my engineer dad who thinks his first born must follow in his footsteps. I told you these adults just think they can control someone’s life. Ah!

These books tire me. Let me check how many likes I have on my post… Oh! 20 likes, are these people for real? Haters! My selfie is way too cool to get 20 likes only. They should know better.

(Car engine in the background)

Engineer is back! I better burry my head in my Physics book and pretend to be busy reading.  I don’t feel like answering his questions of how school was…


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