Top Tech Tools Which Greatly Help in Education

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Teaching is never easy, even at the best of times. With a class full of unruly students on a hot day, there’s no thought more appealing than that final bell. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the advances in technology, there’s a tonne of inspiring and engaging digital tools and resources you can use to spice up your lesson while teaching your students all the valuable information that they need.

Get Your Students Involved

The best way to teach is to let the students teach themselves. There’s nothing more educational than letting children get hands on with whatever it is they’re learning about. For example, the chances are that your school has a computer lab or IT room, so why not book it out and if you’re teaching timetables, why not let your children build their own timetables on a computer!

Augmented Reality

This may seem like some distance, far off utopian concept but it doesn’t have to be. These are apps where you print off a marker on a piece of paper and set it on the ground. Then, on your smart device, preferably a tablet, simply load up your relevant reality app and create on-screen 3D images of what you are trying to talk about.

As long as the marker remains on the screen, you’ll be able to see the model, allowing kids to walk around the model to discover things in a way they never thought were possible.

Virtual Field Trips

Let’s face it; your school probably hasn’t got the budget to take your whole class over to the other side of the world to see an attraction or educational institution. So, why not take a virtual tour instead. This is a great way to engage your students on your chosen topic and gives them an exclusive insight into how the world around them works.

Take Advantage of Digital Tools

There is an absolute wealth of tools and resources that you can use to create your content, tailored specifically for your class and style of teaching, enabling you to have access to content that’s unique, effective and original. We shall discuss them in detail on the next post, but first things first. Have you tried this amazing mobile web app by Eneza Education? Try it out and let’s catch up on my next post. 

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