Digital Tools to Simplify Every Teacher’s life

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There is an absolute wealth of tools and resources for every classroom. As I mentioned in my earlier post, these tools make learning more interesting. They are numerous but I have numbered some below.

1. Cite It In – Adding references, citations, comments or sources to your work for your students to refer to? Using Cite It In to ensure they are clear, professionally formatted and easy to read.

2. Class Marker– Tests are an inevitable part of today’s learning mainframe and cannot be avoided, but why not digitize your tests so students can fill them using a computer? Class Marker does just this, and instantly marks them for you, enabling you to save hundreds of hours a term where you would normally be marking!

3. Top Canadian Writers – If you’re looking for customizable content for your classes, whether it’s exams, source lists, info packs, flash cards or more, to save you the trouble of having to create them yourself, employ the professional assistance of writers found within this service.

4. Easy Word Count – When you set a word limit of your student’s work, simply paste the work into EWC to ensure they have stuck to your desired limit, saving you a tonne of time when it comes to marking, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects.

5. People – A leading website hosted by the University of North Carolina which is a great example of how you and your class can set up a website, even for your school, enabling you to share content, resources and notes with both teachers and students alike.

6. What2Learn – Games are highly stimulating for children and students of all games so why not turn education or the more boring and tedious subjects into games? What2Learn is fantastic resources full of pre-made educational games on many subjects, and you have the ability to create your own!

7. Best Australian Writers– If you’re in need of any kind of essay help, whether it’s the creation of subject resources, fact sheets, cheat-sheets or flash cards, Best Australian Writers has a professional who can create them on your behalf, saving you so much time to concentrate on other things.

8. Mind Tools– This skill-based website service provides you with an impressive collection of tests and learning packages, ideal for teaching your students unconventional skills including leadership skills, communication skills, stress and time management skills and even decision-making skills.

9. Mwalimoo– Mwalimu is a Swahili word meaning teacher. There are lots of Math, English & General Sciences for students from age 13-18 to learn from their devices on this platform. Teachers can take advantage of these resources and assign students quizzes in place of homework. There’s even a lighter mobile version which students can access on their mobile phones.

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