Eneza is looking for a data scientist to join our team in Nairobi; could it be you?

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Are you a data scientist looking for a new challenge? How do you fancy making 50 million kids in rural Africa smart? We just have the right opportunity for you here at Eneza Education.

Started in 2012, Eneza Education is a comprehensive virtual tutor available on any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. You can access our platform on USSD, SMS, mobile web, desktop, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. Our mobile platform provides universal access to affordable, quality, lifelong learning. With 2.4 million unique users on our platform, we are undoubtedly Africa’s #1 Mobile Learning Platform for 10 – 25-year-old learners in rural areas.

So what do all these learners do on our platform? We provide lessons & assessments with individual feedback, Ask-a-Teacher personal tutoring, offline Wikipedia search and dictionary reference, and the ability to compete with friends and peers. We recently started offering African literature (Folktales, Riddles, and Proverbs) on our platform and the response has been overwhelmingly good. And that is just the beginning!

We are looking for a Data Scientist who will help us discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data, and help us make smarter decisions to deliver even better products. The data scientist’s primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high-quality prediction systems integrated with our products.

What data will you be dealing with? As of 3rd of August we had:

  • 2.4m unique learners on the platform
  • ~160k active users per month
  • 13.3m quizzes completed, 61m questions taken
  • 393k AAT questions taken
  • 529m messages exchanged

Your first challenge

So what are some of the key things we expect you to start out? The first item on the agenda would be to help us understand what our users say and the intent they have. Unfortunately, literacy levels are still quite low in the markets we serve and consequently, we get many messages that we can’t easily decipher. An example of what we get from our users is “DONTGI ME DFFICULT Q SAWA?”. Another – “can we pliz councel the subject? i want to ask a question”. This would be an opportunity for you to dazzle our users (not us) with you NLP and sentiment analysis skills (not written by a data expert so it might actually not be those skills). There are many more interesting challenges that will keep you busy and excited!

What we already have in place

You won’t be starting from scratch as this is a journey we started a while ago. We just need someone to accelerate it. We already have the following in place:

  • A product management framework – we use the Startup Pirate metrics (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue). This allows us to focus on the journey our customers take
  • A product analytics tool – we use the marvelous Mixpanel to get quick insights from our data. A lot of the analysis you will be doing will be building upon this
  • An experiment framework – we are firm believers of the Lean startup and we use the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop to quickly test and improve our platform.
  • Assist – this is the first version of Eneza’s AI. Build on wit.ai, it has allowed us to automatically resolve a fair share of user challenges. We hope to evolve it into a full student assistant.
  • A supportive team that understands the difference data can make for our product

Interested? Check out the full job description. 


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