Eneza’s Net Promoter Customer Study: Net Promoter Score-62!

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Cover page of parent/ student feedback.

The report cover page: Student holding a mobile phone, learning on Eneza

In December 2017, Omidyar Network sponsored a Lean Data survey (by Acumen Lean Data), seeking feedback from 2,000 Eneza learners and parents. We were pleased to attain a net promoter score of 62! Just to compare, Netflix, Amazon and Apple have NPSs of 64, 66 and 66 respectively.

Highlights (more in the linked visualized report):

98% of parents and 97% of students users said they saw an improvement in mindset and academic performance respectively.

45% of Eneza’s customers live below the world poverty line, but are aggressively making their biggest investment yet in learning and growth of their children!

Parents said:

“I have noticed that my child had built a timetable and set some time for studying which is unusual am so grateful to Shupavu [Eneza]”

“There was a time when she was in Form 2 [10th Grade] term two [~July] when she was sent for school fees, due to lack of school fees, I told her to keep on using Shupavu291. When she went back to school to sit for end year form two exam, she managed to pass. Thank you Shupavu291”

Students shared too:

“I like Shupavu291 because it helps me with thorough revision anywhere instead of carrying books”

“I would like to say Thank you very much for allowing me to use your products. May The Almighty God bless Shupavu291 and the entire Eneza Education” — To which we say: AMEN!

Find more insights in visual report.

This and more amazing user feedback, gathered at scale on an independent platform, underpins a new direction for Enezans. We have worked out how to talk with millions of people in emerging Africa, how to harness scaled engineering to motivate and support people who intend to improve their lives, and to prepare everyone in this continent of super-fast growth for a dynamic digital future. We think no-one else can do this. We also know lots of brands and organisations would like to do it. So we are starting to make our platform available to selected partners who, like us, want to be at the party where 50 million Africans are getting smarter.

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