Michael Frimpong Okyere: Our Ask-A-Teacher volunteer

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Michael Eneza Ghana volunteer

Meet Michael Frimpong Okyere, one of our Ask-A-Teacher volunteers in Ghana. As you may have noticed, we are doing this series, highlighting the great work done by our volunteers in Ghana. Michael is one of our volunteers. Enjoy the read and we look forward to your views on our series. Let’s engage in the comments.

EnezaGH: Hi Michael, so tell us a bit about yourself.

Michael: Michael Frimpong Okyere is a student at the University of Ghana Business School, graduate school. He works with the Youth Employment Agency and an administrator by profession.

EnezaGH: Wow! Good to know. How did you hear about Eneza Ghana Volunteers Program?

Michael: Periodically, the Counselling and Placement centre of the University of Ghana present opportunities to studies via our emails. Eneza Education happened to be one of them.

EnezaGH: What made you join the program?

Michael: I joined the Eneza Ghana Volunteers Program as an AAT responder because I love reading and take an interest in research.

EnezaGH: So far, what has been your experience?

Michael: It has really been a wonderful learning experience for me.

EnezaGH: That is interesting. So what are some of your key learnings?

Michael: Learning never ends. And the more you learn, the more you realise you need to learn.

EnezaGH: What are your expectations moving on to the next sprint?

Michael: I hope to gain more knowledge and experience even as I help other students learn by responding to their questions on the Ask-A-Teacher dashboard.

About the author:

James Darko Amponsah, a Projects Lead at Eneza Education is a marketer, an entrepreneur and educator. Equipping people especially the youth with knowledge relevant and applicable to their lives remains his passion.


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