Zainab Abdul Razak: Our Content Editing volunteer.

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Zainab Eneza Ghana volunteer

Meet Zainab Abdul Razak, one of our Content Editing volunteers. Zainab is still a student at the University of Ghana. During the whole month of April, we will highlight the good work done by our volunteers in Ghana. We are letting you in on what it takes to be a volunteer at Eneza Education, through our volunteer profiles. Enjoy the read.

EnezaGH: Hi Zainab, so tell us a bit about yourself.

Zainab: My name is Zainab Abdul Razak, a level 300 Philosophy Major student at the University of Ghana. I like to read, watch movies and listen to music.

EnezaGH: How did you hear about Eneza Ghana Volunteers Program?

Zainab: I do check my emails a lot. So somewhere last year, I saw it in the mail sent by the Guidance and Counselling Department of our school.

EnezaGH: That is interesting. What made you join the program?

Zainab:  I joined EGVP because it served as a great platform to give back to the community.

EnezaGH: So far, what has been your experience?

Zainab: Oh!, It’s been fun. Moments of learnings through new experiences.

EnezaGH: That is interesting. So what are some of your key learnings?

Zainab: So far I’ve learnt that been teamed up with like-minded individuals through volunteerism is very fulfilling.

EnezaGH: So you have successfully ended your first sprint in the program. What are your expectations moving on to the next sprint?

Zainab:  I believe that the knowledge I’ve acquired should be able to also have a great impact on someone else’s life. Through EGVP I hope to achieve the best I can through volunteering.

About the author:

James Darko Amponsah, a Projects Lead at Eneza Education is a marketer, an entrepreneur and educator. Equipping people especially the youth with knowledge relevant and applicable to their lives remains his passion.

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