Shupavu291’s Partnership with Nia Pad

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Nia Pad

Imagine a feminine hygiene product with information to develop a holistic young woman? Most practical solutions are developed locally to fit the needs of the local market. With the right synergies, between local products and service providers, solutions are created to address the unique needs of the local market. The Nia Pad by Zana Africa is a local sanitary product that has partnerships with various local content creators.

We decided to enter into a product placement partnership with Nia pads because we believe that all children need equal opportunities for success in education. In Kenya, almost 1 million girls miss up to 6 weeks of school each year because they lack access to sanitary pads. With this partnership, we are increasing access to quality, affordable education for their target market. Nia pads are pocket-friendly thus increasing access to menstrual hygiene products, ensuring that girls stay in school.  

The new Nia pad package now has four informational products from their different partners. Shupavu291, our mobile learning platform is among the four products. You now get more value for your money when you purchase the Nia sanitary pad.

Once you buy the Nia Pad, dial *291# from any Safaricom phone, to subscribe on Shupavu291 and get access to unlimited revision lessons, quizzes, revision papers, and chat with teachers through SMS for only 2 bob a day. You don’t even need to have access to the internet. You can revise using any type of phone, including the basic ones. Shupavu291 is that accessible. Enjoy your revision and remember to tell us where you heard of Shupavu291 from. 

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