Meet our new CEO, Wambura Kimunyu

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Wambura Kimunyu

Wambura Kimunyu, our new CEO joined us in February 2019. With ten years experience in the Pan Africa tech space, she brings the skills needed to take Eneza Education to the next level. 

Wambura, who has a degree in education, has worked in publishing, premium mobile services as well as FinTech and has developed a deep understanding of the bottom of the pyramid (BOP)  and mass markets both in Kenya and across Africa. She firmly believes that better learning opportunities have the potential to yield better life opportunities for individuals and communities. 

Having steered a number of influential tech startups in the African technology ecosystem during their growth phases,  her vision is to steer Eneza Education on a sustainable path towards playing a pivotal role in solving one of the most complex problems of our time: access to quality education for all. 

We continue to be encouraged in this goal by the feedback we receive from learners on our platform and their parents. 

Recently we heard from Rose Akinyi, mother to three girls from Nairobi’s low income Kayole estate. Her daughter Miriam Akoth recently took her national Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations, achieved grade C and consequently joined Kiriri Women’s’ University in April.  She credits our service Shupavu291 with helping her improve her performance from grade D to grade C, despite her mother not being able to afford all the required textbooks. All the three girls took turns to study using their mothers basic smartphone. 

We are also scaling our reach by providing access to quality education for refugee students in Dadaab and Kakuma alongside partners working in those refugee camps. If you have partners doing similar work in your network, please feel free to connect them to us. We would love to collaborate with them in our shared goal of improving access to quality education. 

In the meantime, follow this link for an interview of our CEO by one of our partners.

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