How well do we know our customers?

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How well do you know your customers? Customers are the reason any business exists, and every team member should know their customers.

For the past two months, all team Kenya members have been calling our customers for a set amount of time. We have gleaned some valuable insights that have made us understand our customers well. Here are some of the insights:

  • Our tech and product teams struggled with speaking Swahili. Once people leave high school, they do not go back to using Swahili daily. Although they struggled with the language,  they got to understand most of the challenges that our users experience on the platform. This, in turn, would influence their User Experience (UX) designs.
  • Some interesting user stories were derived from these calls. For instance, our Chief Financial Officer spoke to a parent who helps her neighbor’s children with her phone for revision.
  • This exercise makes each team member focus their efforts on our customer- who is the student.
  • Cross-departmental interaction is improved when people engage in tasks outside their skills. This encourages team cohesion.

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Juliet Otieno is the Communications Associate at Eneza Education. She has a journalism and Public Relations background and loves good books. You can read more articles written by this author here.

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