Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 Competition Week 3 Update

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Chemsha Bongo Top Schools Week 3

It’s already three weeks since we launched Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 competition. We have seen a great uptake of the competition, with some great insights.

Before diving into the updates, let me provide some background into this competition. Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 is a countrywide competition on the Shupavu291 platform. Launched on 17th August, it encourages active engagement on Shupavu291 mobile learning platform. It will reward the top 5 students per region, and top regional school. This competition will run till 30th September 2019.

Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 has attracted the interest of primary and secondary school students alike. This time though, only primary schools are eligible to participate.

The most active schools are from rural areas. If you have been keen on our numbers, you would notice that 70% of our learners are from rural areas. The top school today- and this position changes daily depending on the activity- is Elimu Bora Academy from North Eastern, region, Mandera county, with 458040 points. It is followed by Oyombe primary in Nyanza region, Homabay county, with 296720 points. St. Mercy in Coast region, Kwale, follows closely with 247840 points.

A total of 10637 schools have registered on Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291, with 19708 participants. This number is also dynamic, increasing rapidly within the day. For example, the schools have increased by 13.61% since yesterday and the participants have gone up by 24.5% since yesterday. Chemsha Bongo Points are earned by actively engaging on Shupavu291.

We encourage schools to mobilize more of their students to participate in Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291. This will increase their chances of becoming the top school in their region, and win KES 100,000. We also encourage students to register on Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291, continue taking lessons, using Ask-A-Teacher and using Wikipedia on Shupavu291. The more your activity, the greater the chance of emerging among the top five pupils on Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 in your region and winning KES 10,000. What’s more, you automatically will improve your performance because you will be revising.

To register for Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 competition, dial *291# from any Safaricom phone, go to Chemsha Bongo on the main menu, register your school, and start participating. All primary schools registered in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology can participate in Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291.

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