Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 schools competition Week 4 Update

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Week 4 Chemsha Bongo Schools competition

Chemsha Bongo na Shupavu291 schools competition has reached week 4. A total of 12,454 schools have registered so far. The competition which ends on 30th September will award the top school from every region a cash prize of KES 100,000. The regions participating are Nairobi, Central, Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, Coast, Eastern and North Eastern. 

The top school as of Friday 13th September had 713,800 points. This number is updated hourly according to the activity of students on Shupavu291. 

Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291 promotion participants are primary school pupils. They must be taking primary courses (Class 4 – Class 8) on Shupavu291. They also have to be from schools registered with the Ministry of Science, Education, and Technology in Kenya.

Points are earned from the activity by students of a school. The activities involve taking lessons, revision papers, using Ask-A-Teacher and using Wikipedia on Shupavu291. 

A total of 26,177 students are currently participating in the competition. This is a 42.27% increase in the number of participants since yesterday. Five top students from each region will win cash prizes of KES 10,000 each at the end of the schools’ competition. Encourage your schoolmates to join Chemsha Bongo Na Shupavu291. Dial *291# from your Safaricom line and register your school today. All registered schools can be searched from Shupavu291 menu. 

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