Learning During COVID 19 Pandemic.

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Even as Schools across the world continue to be closed to curb the spread of the COVID-19, at Eneza we are aiming to bridge the digital divide and keep students learning no matter where they are or what devices they have.

In partnership with the relevant stakeholders in Kenya and Cote d Ivoire, we are providing free revision materials to primary and secondary students to help them pick up from where they left off from school. Students have access to revision lessons, revision papers, Wikipedia and Ask a Teacher feature once they are on the platform either SMS or Web.

We believe that any phone can be turned into a virtual school; and that a student can be able to choose when and what to study. 

Our main goal during this COVID-19 pandemic is to support learning where students are, within the context and setting they are in.  Over the course of the 7 years that we have been operational, we have gained the expertise and background in innovative education solutions in crisis situations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had devastating effects on health care systems but also the socio-economic livelihood of people has been affected. On top of that parents and guardians have also assumed the role of a teacher as they have to make sure that their children are not just playing but also learning. In households where the parent can not afford revision material for their children, the child’s learning has been greatly affected. This is probably the likely situation in most peri-urban and rural areas in Sub Saharan Africa.

This is where edtech solutions such as Shupavu291 are proving to be critical. By offering curriculum-aligned content on even the most basic devices with 1G or 2G, students will be able to access their class level content as they wait for the Ministry of Education to announce when schools will be reopened. 

To access Shupavu291 dial *291# on USSD/SMS or visit mwalimoo.com/m/start to access the web content

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